Hey! Welcome to my all-new created blog. The need of writing this blog is a combination of my fascination that I recently developed from reading my bosom friend’s Blog and the desire to share my hilarious yet true feelings.

After a lot of thinking over the topic for this blog I resolved to write about my small confession to my BFF.

Yeah so we all are familiar with this abbreviation because we all have a place for this person in our life, as matter of fact, this best-friend-forever plays a significant role in our lives from being an all time listener to an all time advisor, from being a sister/brother to a girlfriend/boyfriend, from being a pain reliever to an enlivener, from being a lousy mate to a wild companion. He/she can take up all possible life forms to keep the flower blooming.

My best friend is a crazy one-of-a-kind sassy girl. She is to me, a lifeline, and the one who alone can save me from drowning in the ocean of desolation. Nobody else but only she can listen to my endless stupid nonsensical thoughts that occur to me once in a while. We have been soul mates since when we didn’t even know to clean the shit off our asses. And yes we had had a lot of hilarious and cordial conversations that no one can possible comprehend. We used to sit almost every day together away from our squad because we believed it was amicable that way. The best part about sitting together with your best buddy is that you get to say crappy things about your fellow mates and teachers and snicker all day long. That sense of security and tranquillity I received from being with her was definitely the most cherished. However when we chose to head for different streams after 10th grade, we were upset how would we manage to sit in two different classrooms of the same school. Somehow the time passed and we learned to live in an unallied manner.

Today, we don’t hang out a lot or share details of our lives with each other. It’s almost a month since I last met her. We make calls to remind each other that we still occupy an exquisite place in each other’s lives. But after all this portion of our journey we have  covered, I do not want a gap to create between us. There is a constant fear in my heart of losing my best friend to time.

Best friends are hard to find and even harder to lose.

Why cannot we just bring those days back, maybe not with the same people around, but with the same madness and laughter?


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