Fear. Fear of losing everything . Fear of becoming a weed of someone’s life. Fear of getting rejected. Fear of failing the test. Fear of not receiving the equivalent love and warmth in return. Fear of not getting deserved admiration. Fear of becoming irrelevant. Fear of purging out. Fear of this whole enchilada is intimidating and strikes terror into your soul.

The untold feelings that you’ve kept for so long intending that one day on the dot of fate you’ll move to them to blow the lid of your mind, your heart, your soul in front of that person. Unfortunately, the time turns out to not be in favor of your fate. It is not meant to happen so easily without jerking, rather it isn’t meant to happen at all. When at last you had the impulse to put forward yourself,  to that person and tell them what they mean to you, your suspicion stands at odd with their feelings. Moment shatters. They do or say something which overthrows your faith in love. You deny to agree with the actuality. You gainsay to acknowledge the truth. Protest between heart and mind initiates leaving you in the most wrecked part of your lifetime. The hopes you had gathered ever since you first met them are primed to leave your body.Your body demurs to stay healthy because the reason for your well-being has relinquished you. Everything seems pointless and unacceptable . You raise your head, gaze at the sky at night and wonder why always you? Why is that you tend to lose everything after all this time, determined in getting possession of their love? In every minor step taken to move on, we tend to think of ways to distract ourselves from the pain of severance when it is exclusively felt by us. Single thought of being forgotten by the other leaves all our efforts in vain. Somehow, we still pass the days and nights loathing each moment spent without/thinking of them. Life has so much planned for us. So much so that we are never fully prepared to face it all. If we didn’t end where we were meant to be, maybe that wasn’t the end at all. Maybe life has a whole store of happiness reserved for us. Maybe the life has pushed us to the edge of difficulty to plan the following bliss. As they say Night gets deeper before the sunrise.

However, the ultimate truth briefs up in the fact that everything happens for a reason. The reason may walk into your life a little later but you must not stop cherishing life till then. Life is about moving forward, getting ahead. Times may come and times may go but you have to keep moving forward and wait for your time. Everyone’s time come. And just make sure that we don’t mess the time of our lives thinking about the muddle of the past.

And one day the inevitable comes,every beautiful beginning has an end. It also reminds us, How irrelevant we are in this universe and how small are our problems.Leaving everything behind we once bothered we go away back to the soil from which we originated,Truly how mortal life is, how beautiful life is.

You have to walk yourself all the way to your destination, to your death. The path is difficult and it’s got to be as it has to offer the immeasurable pleasure to make you realize that maybe the life isn’t ugly at all. That maybe it was just a day, just another bitter experience. Life is full of possibilities waiting to be mined.

We forget that life astonishes us with a combination of good and bad, both, The bad occurrence in the past took place to enhance the joy of happiness later. Joy comes swirling behind gloom. Why not we just let it be, and use whatever’s left in our hands to plan our fortune. To get a hold of it so that no soul on this earth dares to take away the contentment of our life ever again. Why not just make ourselves impervious to bullshit and regain our sanity in this beautiful world for the sake of our gifted lives? 

“The brightest flame casts the darkest shadow.”
George R.R. Martin, A Clash of Kings


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