Suddenly felt an urge to talk to many at once. So what’s better than writing it here.

Life gives you many chances. This is what people say when you tell them you lost one recently. They tell you that everything is going to be alright. Things are going to turn back to normal and one fine morning you’ll realize that nothing was bad ever. But trust me, and really trust me when I say that though you’re able to forget the past and move on, live the moments to their fullest today and look on to more beautiful adventures but there will always be that moment in the most unexpected hour of the day, when a thought in the back of your mind pop up reminding you that maybe you could have done something about it. Of course it’s gone so nothing’s in your hand now, but when it was there, when there was time, you could have done something about it. Then the second thought replaces the first which says that you had done a lot from your side, however, it was never enough to support the supposed good moments. And the good moments shattered, in no time. To the present day, you stand hoping to have a better, a far better life. and surely you’re finally getting it. After drowning in those tears of melancholy, craving for the good old moments to return, you seem to regain your strength and this time for a longer period because each bad incident leaves you with ever so familiar dry eyes and stronger courage to meet out the future problems.

Don’t give up on yourself, until someone decides to keep you forever.   

Life is definitely all about chances to earn and make use of it. I believe people change, situations change, relations change, but one thing that shouldn’t change is your smile, your happiness, cuz that’s what is going to help you to withstand all the mess.

Live the present. Leave the rest. Put yourself to ease. And enjoy the shalom.


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